Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Valley of Fire Nevada State Park

Visited Valley Of Fire State park in Nevada in February with my girl as part of a drive west to Vegas for a weekend.

The trip to the park was organized by an online friend of mine. He drove and there was another carload of bloggers going, as he'd planned a few weeks before. The weather was cool, and it had just rained in the desert, but everything was a go for our day out.

It doesn't get much better for me, when it comes to having a good time: doing something I've never done, in a place I've never seen, with friends I just met.

I thought about the prehistoric people who used the place, looked around, and decided the place had changed very little in the time they were there, and the time a skinny guy from Alabama climbed on the rocks and took a bunch of photos. It was always as if the rocks and hard country were frozen in time.

There was a natural arch of stone, cut by the wind over millions of years. But it was posted with a sign saying, DO NOT CLIMB ROCK. Hmm bet they put that sign up because of a lawyer letter, I thought to myself, as I began climbing. My worn-out loafers had iffy footing in a couple places, so I lost them for the rest of the trip.

Yeah, yeah, attach whatever white trash stereotype you like...haha...the guy from Alabama not wearing shoes...but hey, the ancient people of the Valley of Fire, probably didn't wear them either!

Actually in the museum later I saw an Anasazi much for that idea. It still felt good, walking around having fun and feeling the soft powdered dirt of the trail on my passing tourists gawked at me! which of course was just a bonus, lol