Monday, March 29, 2010

Just answer it

Since I have joined the cellular nation, I cut my home phone service down the bare minimum. No area calling plan, no long distance, and no caller ID.

Much to my surprise, not only do I not miss caller ID, I feel like I am better off without it.

I never have gotten that many calls at home--mostly family and telemarketers--but in the time since I 86'd caller ID, getting calls has taken on a new-old wrinkle.

Obviously, now I don't know who's calling before I answer it...which is they way it was when I younger. I used to have a difficult time imagining not having caller ID, but you know what? Now I kind of feel like a chump for having paid $8 a month for it all these years.

It's almost novel when I get a call now. Hmm, who might that be? Guess I'll answer it and find out. And I talk. If it's a telemarketer, I immediately tell them I'm not interested and hang up the phone. And they don't call me any more.

Beats the hell out of sitting there looking at the caller ID, not answering, cussing and fuming, 'Why they hell do they keep calling?'