Saturday, January 17, 2009

Nothing in particular

Getting perilously close to a month since the last post here, which I don't like because I don't want to this to become one of those blogs that doesn't get updated very often. In the the time since my last post I have gone right on living and thinking; I just have gotten slack about telling!
Why not start the telling with the Internet browser that is running this very instant? Back late last year I read about an alarming security hole in the browser I used at the time, MS Internet Explorer. I shut it down right then, went looking for another, found Mozilla Firefox and installed it. What a nice surprise! Not only does it do everything MSIE does, but it also catches typos as you make them...pretty damn cool, I say. It sort of reminds me of what Netscape Navigator used to be like.

It turned out that Microsoft patched the hole in IE the very same day I heard about it, but I am not going back because Firefox kicks ass! It's free
Also since I last posted, I have continued ripping my old records and tapes onto CD, albeit at a slower pace since I closer to getting done and that box of stuff ultimately bound for the thrift store is getting fuller. I have shared copies of my reborn music collection with others, and they liked hearing them, so that was a bonus.

The job I continue to work while looking another job took a turn for the better in the past month when the store was moved to a much bigger and better location. True, the needs of a pizza joint are not very complex, but it's nice having room to stack up our stuff without having to move other stuff around doing it. For those wondering, Domino's is now in Cropwell, back behind The Country Store in the same building with Trendsetters salon. I've affectionately named our new neighbors "the hair honeys" and it has already been fun taking them the carryout orders they place for lunch.

What else...OH...I can't leave out me making use of Internet trying to meet somebody. I've tried a few of the over the past few months, geez, how many sites? 4? 5? The sites are marketed with varying approaches from too much intellectualizing and waiting around to overt sexuality to just throwing one's self up on a bulletin board (singlesnet) to a combination of those ( And I won't glorify any of them with a description...except to say that it and every last one of the other them all sell the very same thing: loneliness.

It is a free site by the name of plenty of fish that I wound up liking more than any of the others. While the response rate (less than 10 percent) I've had in trying to contact women hasn't changed, the site gets WAY more traffic than the others, plus has discussion forums to which I have had fun contributing while waiting around for something to happen. And then there is the fact that it has yielded what the other sites touted but seldom delivered: getting to meet somebody interesting! Hell, yeah...