Saturday, April 18, 2009

Go fly a kite!

With Carlie nursing bronchitis we stayed closed to home for our day out this time, with an old kid favorite but still one we'd yet to enjoy.
Things started off great when I went shopping for kites and discovered there was quite the selection with choice of cartoon characters, complete with string and needing only about 15 seconds of assembly time for the princely sum of $1. At that price I bought extras for a nothing-to-do afternoon in the future.
We went to the best big empty spot I know of--ball fields behind the Pell City Civic Center. Its proximity to Logan Martin Lake certainly seemed to help the wind conditions, which were paltry at best.
Griffin had never, ever handled a kite before but with one or two false starts he was off and running literally. Carlie took some cajoling to join in the fun, and did so only briefly before making her own fun. She even was slow to play along with me shooting pictures!
It was another quick and easy afternoon being daddy, in a way I'd not gotten to do before, and we were glad.
On the way out, I noticed a group of 12 and 13-year-old kids leaving soccer practice, talking with their ultra-cool friends and pretending their parents were not with them. As we stopped to let them cross the parking lot, I could not help thinking that before I know it, Griffin and Carlie will be too cool to be seen with me, too.