Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gone cellular

A little while ago I got a cell phone. Never had one before.

Until now I did not have one because I did not want one. But I found a deal that has unlimited everything for $50 a month, with no contract, so I said to myself, what the hell...I'll try one of these things out.

Yippee, now I can be one of those assholes driving down the road jabbering in their own little world! With practice, I can yammer on it while at the checkstand of stores, with the cashier waiting to wait on me...AND I might even aspire to whale on text messages while driving and taking my eyes off the road for a several seconds at a time.

Mmm, just think of the whole new insular world that is now open to me...before long I will be unable to remember any phone numbers in my head at all, because I rely on the contacts list!!

But there is no such thing as long distance and I can call whoever I like, whenever I like, wherever they are, with total disregard of a phone bill...might could get used to that.

Like I said, we'll see how this whole 'having a cell phone,' business works out.