Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 more

It's gone around again since last time I did it, so why not do it again?

1. In high school I was very proud when I got a letter saying I'd been accepted to Samford. A year or two later I learned they'd not turned anybody down in years.
2. I never quite figured out why anybody would want to be in a fraternity. I was friends with a bunch of guys who were, and I didn't have to pay them.
3. Every time I carry a pistol I pray that I will not need it, and for God to help anyone who leaves me no choice but to use it.
4. I think that everybody should talk abut hard times with someone who lived through the Depression before all those folks are dead.
5. Once in a while I run into the woman who taught me senior English in high school, and I act as if I liked her.
6. I'd go back to Alaska if I could take my son and daughter with me, but I might not want to come back.
7. I have still not figured out the appropriate course of action when someone I don't know wants to be facebook friends.
8. There is a big difference in fighting for one's country, and being sent to one's death in some God-forsaken part of the world for no good reason.
9. Even though I can take 'em or leave 'em myself, I grow tomatoes every year because people love it when I give them some.
10. Mick Jagger is within a couple of months of being the same age as my dad.
11. After 6 weeks of being incoherent after The Wreck, my first thoughts were how tacky the Thanksgiving decorations in my hospital room were, and the body odor of the nurse changing the dressing on my feeding tube. The morphine dreams don't count.
12. The smartest guy I have ever had as a friend--George McNinch--was also the only person who seemed to like Neil Young and distilled spirits as much as me.
13. My lawyer saw me through my divorce for free, and one of these days I'll figure out some way to return the favor.
14. God is not good, God is not bad, God is not your buddy, God is not your enemy. God just is. What are you going to do about it?
15. It frustrated me to no end that the radio station I liked for new music added overplayed stuff from the 80s to its playlist. I didn't like the Scorpions when they were new, and now they're supposed to be classic??
16. Slinging pizza is most assuredly a dead-end job, but my, there are some fun twists and turns along the way.
17. I've only ever shot at paper targets, bottles, and miscellaneous junk, but I am still proud that I can hit stuff with an old military rifle from a couple hundred yards away.
18. I am descendant from Appalachian hill folk on both my mother's and father's sides of the family.
19. Whether it's a car, electronics or plum wine, stuff made in Japan tends to be better than stuff made elsewhere in the world.
20. I laughed all day after I read the headline in The Onion: Black Man Given Nation's Shittiest Job.
21. I go to Wal-Mart not so much for the low prices, as I do for the walking anthropology study a trip there soon becomes.
22. Arguing on the Internet is like cheating in the Special Olympics.
23. Made-up baby names never cease to amaze me.
24. I thought there was going to be something to turning 40, but there wasn't really.
25. It's been years since I was through there, but I can still direct a person to an address in North Shelby County with ease.