Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A day at the (water) park

With high summer in full swing the kids wanted to go somewhere we'd been before, a change from my usually making a point to do new things in new places when they're with me. Since our hometown has still yet to catch up with its much-smaller neighbor 20 miles to the north, it was off to Ashville we went.
In keeping with the sweltering summer theme I bought them decidely bland-tasting ice cream on a stick, the flavor of which was not commented upon because it featured the appropriate cartoom character.
Once at the park I slathered my spawn who will never own a tan with SPF 45 sunscreen. I even bared by lily-white upper body and put some on myself, too, having been reminded on Memorial Day on the beach how quickly and thoroughly I burn when I let the sun have its way with me.
By coincidence a church group was using the nearby pavilion and was packing up not long after we arrived. A gentleman I did not know walked up and asked 'are those your kids?' and I said yes, two of them are, and he said we were welcome to come their food, which they would rather give away than carry home. So we went and tried to get plates of hot dogs, chips and cookies but were flat refused...the ladies there insisted on making plates for us and giving out cold drinks too, which we graciously accepted. After thanking them profusely we ate and it was back to play in the water...as you can see.