Friday, October 30, 2009

Been awhile

It's been awhile since I put up pics and spiels of my time with Griffin and without further ado...

In August we visited the Southwest Alabama home of my very good friend Jake Utsey. In addition to his place
being remote, it's a whole other world apart from what the kids and I are we always like going there.
Jake was already in the process of getting ready for hunting season at the lodge but took time out to visit with us and he put us up for the night. We got to shoot rifles at his gun range (yes Griffin has his own .22) as well as play with his children all over the expanse that is Water Valley.

With Grandnan a few weeks later we went to Homestead Hollow in Springville. There were samples of old-style country living, crafts and games for the kids, such as pony rides and a bungee jumping exhibit Griffin was not quite sure about at first. Daddy bought a joke gift for a new friend which features Rebel flags, leather, her name, her pants staying up. I also picked up some locally-made honey which the kids love on toast.

Next was a trip to the Birmingham Zoo. Not having visited since Ronald Reagan was president, I wanted to see the display of animals native to Alabama on land the zoo acquired recently. There we saw a dispirited-looking red-tailed hawk, otters, a yellowhammer (woodpecker) skunks, an alligator snapping turtle, a scrawny-looking great-horned owl, coyotes, a groundhog, a cougar, and a few others which escape memory. But no coons or possums, and I really would have liked to see a black bear...and thankfully there were no captive deer. Oh well, maybe they can be added later.

Animals of the domesticated variety were on tap the next day at Paws in the Park here in Pell City with Grandnan and my niece Carlie. It was a great chance to bring out dogs to meet and greet, so we took Tip along. He loved it, and there was much butt-sniffing of dogs his size and much larger canines, too. Good thing he does not know he is a Chihuahua!

Don't know I have planned for my next weekend with Griffin and Carlie...but rest assured I will come up with something special and yes, there will be photos!